Marilia DESTOT
Paris, France

Marilia Destot (born 1977 in Grenoble) is a french photographer, living and working between Paris and New York. Portraitist, fashion and dance photographer, Marilia Destot likes working on a variety of projects and initiating art collaborations in different fields. Her personal work focuses, through portrait and landscapes series, on the intimate writing of time and space intercrossed. Exploring, in a cinematic or sequence form, her definition of the photographic medium : a fragmented and subjective vision of the lived, the felt, and the memory. Her work was awarded in 2008 (bourse du talent) and 2000 (SACD) and presented in many shows in Europe and the U.S. , particularly at the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, at the Bourse du Talent/BNF in Paris (Ellipses 2008), at the French Institute in New York (Variations for Two 2010), and in large urban installations by the Foundation Artbridge in Brooklyn NY and Italy (Variations for Two 2010-2011, and Gowanus Dance 2014-2015).


Submitted portfolios

L’empreinte (the trace). 2005–now