Balder Olrik
Copenhagen, Denmark

-16 Raised by scientist parents in Copenhagen suburbs. (Mother: Environmental biology – Father: Thermodynamics, etc. ) 16-32 Attended the Royal Academy of Art in Denmark, as one of the youngest ever. Worked for 16 years as a visual artist, and was exhibited, close to, 100 times in both Europa & America. (See detailed CV below). 32-48 Despite being one of the most recognized young Danish artists at the time, in 1998 I decided to focus solely on making digital inventions, especially focused on predicting and understanding our subconsciously behaviour and perception. Most acknowledged outcomes are probably GoViral & ProChords 48 – 16 years later, at the age of 48, I decided to combine the two obsessions of my life, art & behavioural science, and re-entered the public art scene with the solo exhibition “System 2” at Martin Asbaek Gallery ( Denmark, 2016).

Phone: +45 28888811

Submitted portfolios

System 2. 2015