Simone Grussu
Copenhagen, Italy

Simone Grussu born in Mogoro (OR) in the 1990 He grew up in Sardinia, an ancient land, home to many traditions and rich in history and struggles of so many different peoples and nations; land strong and rich in nature and colors. Often, already as a child, I felt the need to get away and stay on the sidelines in the outdoors; immerse myself in solutidine, watch and listen; a total immersion in the natural world. My next increasingly strong passion for photography led me to seek in every way to "carry" the visual world and the things sound that created the emotion of the moment in the frame. I am a lover of color, the artistic photography and reportage. I have always been a strong supporter of the proverb "the right picture is worth a thousand words"


Submitted portfolios

CHRISTIANIA WORLD. 03/2016 - 06/2016