Yury Gudkov
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Born in 1990, based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Student of Fotodepartament.Institute since 2014. Took part in group exhibitions: “Common Imaginary”, Fotodepartament Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia; "Construction. Photography in search of approach”, international Festival of Photography, Uglich, Russia; "Experiences of Brownian Motion” in Moscow at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia. His first solo exhibition "Keep an Eye on what you see” took place at Fotodepartament Gallery in January 2016. The book "Keep an Eye on what you see” was shortlisted at Unseen Dummy Award 2015 in Amsterdam, Athens Photo Festival 2016 and Self publish Riga in 2016.

Submitted portfolios

Keep an eye on what you see. 2015