PARIS, France

He’s one of these professional photographers that have the magic eye, the one that gives us to see where we would see little or not, but in any case he knows how to do it. As almost all photographers when Nicolas Landemard must speak of himself, he expresses it in photos. Nicolas LANDEMARD is somehow a survivor. Born in France, raised in Africa. Went through studied history and political sciences, he embraces professional photography late. An art to which he was introduced very early into a family photo fans. Went through the school of the assistantship, he quickly launches as a freelance and works so that in institutional and press. Alternating different projects, he uses all the techniques of photography according to its desires and its research. Far from being confined to what he does, hating the boxes and labels, he held since this unsettling ability to not be where we expect; reportages, portraits, illustrations, black and white, color ... He sees photography as a huge playground (or therapy).

Submitted portfolios

Mexico-Manhattan. 2006