Juan Cristobal Cobo
New York, United States

I was born in Cali Colombia and moved to New York as a teenager. My earliest passions were centered on filmmaking, but after 30 years as a cinematographer and commercial director, I found myself being strongly drawn to the art of still photography. Unlike the controlled chaos of a film set, I find peace in getting lost among strangers, immersed in diverse surroundings, and ready to capture spontaneous moments with the solitary click of my shutter. Since 2013, this new passion has been my sole focus and the means of allowing me to best express my inner voice. I currently live in New York City.

Phone: 9293383994
Email: juancristobalcobo@gmail.com
WWW: www.juancristobalcobo.com

Submitted portfolios

La Carrera Séptima. 2015