Liubov Rozhkova
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

My name is Liubov, but my friends call me Liuba as it is less official and less meaningful. I was born in Leningrad and then I did all the «proper steps» to become a grownup individual (went to school and graduated from a University, changed a few jobs, adopted a dog and a parrot, etc.). Educated engineer I currently have a full time job as a manger, seeking for an inspiration in the everyday routine of a megapolis inhabitant. I have never thought of myself as a photographer and in fact I would prefer to avoid being one. For me to take a picture is a casual gesture of appreciation of the world around, an adventure I take with my eyes, a way to catch things on the edge of existence. I would say that for me photography is a way to incorporate child’s play into everyday life.

Submitted portfolios

Three and a half minutes. Winter/Spring 2016