isabella sommati
milano, Italy

I live in Milan and work as an art director for fashion and design firms. After 25 years of reviewing other people’s pictures, I decided to start taking photos by and of myself. Through photography I hope both to convey the world I live in, of which I am consciously a prisoner, and to find a way of communicating authentically, which is often difficult because of my strong sense of privacy. The element of water is often present in my shots, whether in the form of rain, tears or humble public swimming pools. Water cleans, soothes and swallows, becoming the only escape. 2013 Modalità Femminili: ritratti, storie, racconti, fughe in 10 scatti di Anna La Stella e Isabella Sommati, Milan 2014 FestivArt della Follia, Turin 2014 La poetica del corpo, il corpo poetico, Turin 2014 Espressiooni, del sentire umano, Milan 2015 SeeMe Exhibitions, Paris 2015 Paraphoto, Paratissima, Turin 2015 Portrait Salon 2015, London, Tokyo 2016 Boutographies Festival - Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier 2016 3rd Documentary Photography Days in İstanbul 2016 Slideluck Dallas


Submitted portfolios

Black Sea. 2015