Alasdair Foster

Alasdair Foster was born in the UK, migrating to Australia in 1998. He has 20 years’ experience heading national arts institutions in Europe and Australia and over 35 years of working in the public cultural sector. He was the founding director of Fotofeis, the award-winning international biennale of photo-based art in Scotland (1991–1997) and, more recently, director of the Australian Centre for Photography (1998–2011). He has held many previous positions including President of the Contemporary Art Organisations of Australia, editor of Photofile magazine and Chair of the Conference for European Photographers. An award-winning curator, he has organised several hundred exhibitions for some of the world’s top institutions including Photographers’ Gallery, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona; Museum of Photography, Seoul; Singapore Art Museum; National Gallery of Thailand and Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei. Based in Sydney, he develops intercultural visual art projects globally.